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Material consultancy

Why you need an ELLE MARMI Natural Stone Consultant

Working natural stone requires not only the right machinery, but as well a very specific knowledge of the properties of the various materials and their appropriate use as well as the identification of their best applications.
At ELLE MARMI, do not have any interest in offering a specific material (as we do not own quarries)  but we rather suggest the best match for each application, indicating the most appropriate natural stone selection.

We work with over 250 types of marble

We are able to select for you the best materials for any project analyzing a wide range of factors: interior or exterior applications, type of cut, finishing and treatments, coupling with other materials, environment and climate, type of use, maintenance aspects, budget etc.

Special Services

ELLE MARMI Technical Materials Department

Our Technical Materials Department has more than 70 years of experience and is made up of skilled stone experts and geologists, which is why its professional services are in demand all over the world:

  • Consultancy in choosing materials
  • Consultancy regarding stone application (Method of Statement)
  • Consultancy in restoration issues
  • Consultancy regarding stone protection issues
  • On-site surveys
  • Professional supervision on-site upon request.

Finishing Consultancy

A Finishing for each purpose

Elle Marmi offers various finishings for the different materials, suitable for different applications. 
Please find hereunder some examples:
Ribbed and Sandblasted
Rock face
Rock face
Split face
Artistic Bush Hammered

Material Gallery

All shades of nature

Browse our material gallery, ordered by color.

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